The winds of change are blowing

Big News: Pien Webshop is moving to Finland! Due to the move, Webshop will be temporarily paused as we await the implementation of regulations and build warehouse logistics in Finland.

THIS MEANS A CLEARANCE SALE – oh yeah! A proper discount frenzy begins on January 9th, so set your alarm clock ready so you don’t miss out on the rarest products!


Pien Webshop is moving to Finland

When we opened the Pien Webshop two years ago, locating it in Estonia was initially a temporary solution. We just couldn’t wait for the change in legislation, and there were no rumors about it changing back then.

However, things are changing rapidly in the Finnish government now. First, the percentage limits will increase to 8%, then the possibility of remote alcohol sales to Finland will be opened, and the goal is to raise the percentage limit even further. This suits us perfectly – we’ve been waiting for this for years!

This finally allows us to do what we originally wanted – run the online store from Finland. This will make our logistics cheaper and faster. In addition to top producers in Europe and America, we will significantly invest in domestic products, providing a platform for Finnish breweries to serve their entire Finnish customer base.

The legislative change is planned for this year, probably in the latter half. We will use this interim period for logistics planning, construction, and optimizing our website. Our goal is to become Finland’s best and widest beer selection in an online store – and as always, be on the side of the small ones!

Inventory clearance sale begins on January 9, 2024

The big discount bonanza kicks off on Tuesday, January 9th. In the first week, ALL products will be sold at a 30% discount, and the discount will increase by 10% each week until the stock runs out… Check out the discount schedule here:

January 9, 2024: All products -30%

January 16, 2024: All products -40%

January 23, 2024: All products -50%

January 30, 2024: All products -60%

February 6, 2024: All products -70%

Discount prices will be in effect on the specified day, no later than 11:00 AM (it’s a good idea to check earlier…), and will remain valid until the start of the next discount tier.

The discount sale will end at the latest on Monday, February 12th, at 11:59 PM. If there are still products left, we’ll drink them ourselves… 😉

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