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The original Finnish beer Xmas calendar celebrates its 6th birthday with a total makeover! Order the Pien Craft Beer Xmas Calendar 2022 now and prepare yourself for a selection of carefully curated craft beers from top Finnish, European and American breweries! 14 different beer styles, 24 different breweries, 24 unique experiences. The price includes delivery to your nearest pick-up point! Act quickly as over 90% of the calendars have already been sold!

NOTE: When ordering, please make sure your shopping cart contains only calendars and no other products. Due to the special project nature of this product, it’s not possible to combine other products into calendar orders. Thanks! ❤️

A note to our Helsinki-based customers: This year, the calendars cannot be picked up from Pien Shop. The calendars will be shipped directly from the Pien Webshop warehouse to you, either to the nearest pick-up point or your home.


What is the Pien Craft Beer Xmas Calendar?

When we at Pien built the first-ever commercial beer calendar in Finland in 2017, all 300 calendars were sold out in three days. Overwhelmed and speechless by the popularity of the calendar, we immediately knew that it needs to be an early tradition.
Now, after five sold-out years in Finland, the calendar experiences the biggest changes in its history. In addition to a total visual and package makeover, the contents of the calendar are something else entirely. Thanks to our online store Pien Webshop we can now deliver the calendar even to your doorstep (in Estonia, we deliver only to Omniva parcel machines) and for the first time, the calendar also contains beers over 5,5%!

Thanks to Pien Webshop, the founder and Creative Director of Pien and the “father” of this calendar Erkki Häme has been able to curate the calendar beers in a new way. We can now finally include Imperial Stouts perfect for the winter season, and even the strongest hopped beers. You might also be so lucky to find a barrel-aged treat under a calendar window…

The Pien Craft Beer Xmas Calendar contains beers only from small producers – from Finnish and European craft breweries and now for the first time, from American ones, too! 14 different beer styles, 24 different breweries, and 24 unique experiences. Delivered directly to you.

A tradition that was started last year, Erkki will make tasting videos from each of the 24 beers, and each video will be published on the December morning at hand! This way, you can enjoy each beer together with our very own beer expert. Follow Pien Webshop Instagram and Facebook for more info on the tasting videos on 1.12.2022.

In the past years, our calendar has contained plenty of sour beers – partially due to Finnish alcohol percentage restrictions. Based on customer feedback, we now have focused even more on the quality of the sour beers instead of quantity.

We also have further developed the calendar box itself in addition to the beers inside. The fully renewed and even more compact calendar package is designed and manufactured in Finland. This new design makes it easy to open the calendar windows and pick the beers so that the box stays beautiful until Xmas eve.

Here are pro tips by Erkki on how to properly store the Pien Craft Beer Xmas Calendar:
“I recommend storing the calendar in the coolest place possible. The optimal temperature to store this calendar is 6-12 degrees celsius, as it is for beers in general. But, as the beers are super fresh, they will endure at room temperature nicely as well. Make sure the December sun doesn’t shine and warm up the calendar!”

Order the Pien Craft Beer Xmas calendar now for yourself or as a gift and make sure you, your near and dear have a tasty December! Our biggest thanks in your support of the 24 small breweries and many other small businesses who have made our calendar possible! <3