Pien Craft Beer Xmas Calendar 2023



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The authentic and original Pien Craft Beer Xmas Calendar is finally available – now even better!

The Pien Craft Beer Xmas Calendar is celebrating its seventh edition! As usual, the calendar features craft beers from 24 top-notch small producers from around the world. The majority of the beers in the calendar are not available elsewhere in Finland, and there are also two completely exclusive beers made only for this calendar! The Pien Craft Beer Xmas Calendar is your ticket to true rarities.

We received such great feedback about the calendar last year that we kept the content relatively similar. Of course, we’ve made some adjustments to include even better beers and a greater variety of beer styles. It won’t be boring for sure, as behind the 24 doors of the calendar, you’ll find a whopping 14 different beer styles. You can expect classic (Christmas) beer styles, modern creations, and strong dark winter sippers.

A word of warning: the calendar has sold out every year, and the quantity of calendars for this year has not been increased. Many will be left without a calendar, so act wisely and order yours now! The calendar price includes delivery to your chosen parcel locker. For an additional fee, home delivery is also available!

Please note that because the calendar contains many beers with an alcohol content of over 5.5%, you cannot pick up the calendars from Pien Shop in Helsinki, as it would be illegal to provide such strong beers from there. Fortunately, our webshop handles everything according to the legal regulations <3

Order the Pien Craft Beer Xmas calendar now for yourself or as a gift and make sure you, your near and dear have a tasty December! Our biggest thanks in your support of the 24 small breweries and many other small businesses who have made our calendar possible! <3

Here are pro tips by Erkki on how to properly store the Pien Craft Beer Xmas Calendar:

I recommend storing the calendar in the coolest place possible. The optimal temperature to store this calendar is 6-12 degrees Celsius, as it is for beers in general. But, as the beers are super fresh, they will endure at room temperature nicely as well. Make sure that the December sun doesn’t shine and warm up the calendar!

Please note that a small portion of the calendar’s beers may contain allergens such as lactose or nuts. If you need more information about allergens, please email us at webshop@pien.fi.

NOTE: When ordering, please make sure your shopping cart contains only calendars and no other products. Due to the special nature of this product, it’s not possible to combine other products with calendar orders. Thanks! ❤️