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IPA & Pale Ale

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Alc. 10 %
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It wouldn’t be Mash season without a pre festival collaborations with our buds at Barrier Brewing from Oceanside, New York. We haven’t brewed a TIPA since Mash festival last year so it’s time for a colossus of a hoppy number. This one is triple dry hopped at 30g/l and is all sorts of tropical, sweaty dank goodness. El Dorado is added in Incognito, Cyo and T90 formats. Mosaic in Cryo and T90. Columbus in Cryo. What you get is a heady concoction of overripe stone fruit, dank citrusy marijuana and tropical passion fruit and watermelon. All these hops are weaved into a thick, pillowy body that allows the hoppy assault to reside in your mouth before a gentle bitterness refreshes.

IPA & Pale Ale