Pien Shop

Located in the city centre of Helsinki, the first Finnish private bottle shop was founded by two lifelong friends in 2016, with a passion for great fresh beer. Today Pien Shop bar & shop has a selection of over 300 different bottles and cans as well as eight taps to enjoy.

Christa Krook

Christa Krook

Pien Shop Manager

+358 45 664 7080



Pien Shop Customer Satisfaction Assistant

Candy shop of liquid treats

Looking for the latest beer styles? You name it, we (probably) have it! Pien represents a number of Finnish, European and American craft breweries known for their quality. Our selection consists of trendy styles like New England Pale Ale, Fruited Sour and Imperial Stout as well as popular more historical styles like the Belgian Lambic. And not just the trendy new styles, we, of course, have the most interesting fresh lagers, pilsners and barley wines in our fridges as well.

Most importantly, our ever-evolving selection keeps updating every week! The freshly arrived treats are always waiting for you. To get the updates on the latest arrivals, our weekly events and the newest campaigns make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Untappd.

A safer space for everyone

We follow safer space principles at Pien: we are a community of love, friendship and warm experiences, and everyone is welcome as they are. We don’t tolerate any obtrusive drunkenness, racism, homofobia, transfobia, misogyny, sexism or any form of discrimination.

If you experience or see any of this kind of behaviour, please come and talk with our staff. We are here for you.

Give a gift of craft beers

Get your friend, colleague, employee or yourself a gift of beer. Our staff will always be ready to help you out no matter what needs you may have. Get a custom pack of your favourites, a staff-curated sixpack or an e-gift card. At the moment, gift cards can be used only at Pien Shop. We hope to get webshop gift cards available soon, too.

Our gift guide for craft beer lovers

Please note that at the moment Pien Shop’s mystery and custom packs, and Pien e-gift cards (valid only in our locations Pien Shop & Pien Brewpub in Helsinki, Finland) are sold through our previous webshop.



Pien Shop Pre-Order Service via Whatsapp

You can pre-order Pien Shop’s delicious beers by checking the current takeaway selection from Untappd and sending your order via Whatsapp. Easy!

Follow these steps:

  • Go to Pien Shop’s Untappd page and scroll through the take-away selection. Write down what you’d like to order. You can also create a wishlist and send a screenshot of that.
  • Message your order to us on Whatsapp +358 50 4123323, and we’ll reply asap. You can also ask for recommendations – no problem!
  • We’ll send you a payment link to complete your order. As soon as the payment is done, we’ll start collecting your order and let you know when it is ready for pick-up from Pien Shop.