Pioneering craft beer business in Finland

The first privately-own beer shop Pien Shop in Finland opened its doors in the Helsinki city centre in 2016, where it still continues to delight all craft beer lovers. Founded by life-long friends, Erkki and Tuomas, the award-winning beer store served as the kickstart for the entire mighty Pien Universe.

Pien values


We are the forerunners of change in drinking culture in Finland. We encourage our customers to choose quality over quantity.


Our glasses are always half full!


We develop a beer culture together with you to make life taste better.


We welcome anyone as they are. We celebrate the joy of craft beers with everyone who respects human dignity and cares about others.

Here at Pien, we follow a Safer Space Policy throughout our entire work community, both at our locations and at the office. We do not tolerate discrimination in any form.


We act boldly to defy ancient practices but never forget to respect the sections of the law without hiding anything. It is essential for us to support small producers and the domestic economy.

Professional pride

We want to serve only the best for our customers: top-quality products and the best service possible.


We campaign loudly for our values and always stand with small producers.

Carefully selected breweries & hand-picked products

Pien represents the best breweries and craft beers in the world, regardless of the country of production – our goal is to fill your glass with a beer that you will remember for years to come. In addition to the quality of the beer alone, the breweries we represent must be genuinely independent – when you buy from us, you can be sure that your money is not flowing to big corporations. Equal and green values of Pien are also reflected in the operations of the breweries we decide to partner with.

Like a candy store of beer, the inventive and colourful selection of tasty beer delicacies surprises with its fresh flavour combinations and novelties every week!

Culture above all

Pien wants to build a responsible and communal culture around the beer because life with malt tastes better when enjoyed together and wisely. Campaigning for genuine small producers and making the Finnish alcohol legislation more European is at the heart of the Pien family. We believe that less is more – quality over quantity.