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Pien is coming to your home! Pien Webshop is a hub for the hottest Finnish, European and American ice-cold craft beers. Expand your world of beer! We will deliver safely and quickly near to you.

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Mira - Digital Marketing Specialist

Summer Delights for Scorching Days

Mira – Digital Marketing Specialist

What makes a perfect summer drink? For me, it’s all about refreshing and sweet sour ales, light and easy-to-sip pale ales and lagers with lower alcohol content, as well as completely alcohol-free treats. These are the kinds of drinks that not only quench your thirst but also rejuvenate your spirit. Here’s what I would fill my shopping basket with.

Oskari - Pien Shop Craft Beer Specialist
May Day Drinks: Toasting to Spring and Summer

Oskari – Pien Shop Craft Beer Specialist

Christa - Pien Shop Manager
Spring Essentials

Christa – Pien Shop Manager

Erkki – Beer Explorer, Pien Founder, Owner & Creative Director
Wax On, Wax Off

Erkki – Beer Explorer, Pien Founder, Owner & Creative Director


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