Happy Pride month! Again this year, we are glad to say that Pien is one of the Small Business partners of Helsinki Pride 2022. With our partnership, we want to give our all-year-round support to the Helsinki Pride community. 💖🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Since the beginning, it has been a key value for us that it’s safe for everyone to visit us and sip cold beers as they are. We are a safer space and share the joy of craft beer with everyone who will respect equality and social rights, and are inclusive to everyone.

In June, Pien Shop will host official Pride festivities. More information about our celebrations will follow soon. Stay tuned!⁠ 👯

While celebrating, let’s remember that Pride is about human rights, not only the party of love. By partnering with Helsinki Pride, Pien takes action to drive change towards a more equal world all year round. And you can take a stand for social issues, too! Support the LGBTIQ+ movement by donating to the Helsinki Pride Community, or becoming a member here: https://pride.fi/osallistu/liity-lahjoita/⁠